Dia 1 e 2 – Rio de Janeiro.

After travelling around 22 hours from house to hostel, walking in 35 degree heat and lugging our overfilled rucksacks up a number of steep steps to the hostel, I have found myself with a serious case of fat fingers and feet. Everything is so swollen that I have had to remove my anklet and can barely clench my fist. Chuck in my Vitamin D deprived skin and you are practically looking at the Michelin Man…

I didn’t realise it was possible to be in a constant state of sweaty betty, nor drink so much water without going to the toilet every 5 minutes. It’s so hot that Andrea has aptly renamed the city ‘ BO de Janeiro’.

We immediately made our way to Rio Nature Hostel which is built on the edge of a large hill in Botafogo. We were upgraded from a dorm to a 3 bed room; it’s pretty basic but we’re chuffed. The set up does slightly remind me of a scene from ‘Taken’ though which is perturbing.


View of Christ the Redeemer from our hostel

We decided that we wanted/very much needed to get a Brazilian wax before we even considered hitting the beach (watch this space, I fully intend on getting a Hollywood in Hollywood in April). We took a stab at what this might be in Portuguese and hoped that ‘virilha’ meant what we assumed…

Probably unsurprisingly this was my strangest waxing experience to date; the lady pulled the strip a few gentle times, then fully off, and then immediately pressed firmly down on the area and looked in my direction as if to say “it will all be okay, we’re in this together”. She then produced some tweezers, and by what can only be described as an awkward international game of charades, she explained that she had to ask as some clients were scared of them.

Trying to hold back laughter was near impossible when she then produced a mirror so I could inspect her hand work. Faced with something I had never really seen (not from that angle at least) I managed a thumbs up and something along the lines of “looks lovely, thanks” – something I’m certain I’ll never say about my own bits again.

After a well needed rest, we got up early on the second day to head to Christ the Redeemer, in an attempt to beat the crowds. We failed miserably and ended up queuing for 3 hours. We decided to go for a late trip so we could avoid the blistering and totally unmanageable midday heat.

We failed again.

Around 2pm the heavens opened and storm clouds encompassed the sky, totally masking the horizon.

Storm clouds over Copacabana beach


Luckily the rain mostly cleared by 6pm and the temperature dropped by 10 degrees. A dubious drive up some zig-zag roads lead us to the top and it was well worth the wait!


Love, Lottie xx



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