Spoilt in Singapore.

My older brother Richard lives in South Sudan so we don’t get to see each other all too often; in fact the last time I saw him was 10 months ago at my Sister’s wedding in the England. Due to the nature of his work he travels extensively (lucky bugger) and in the knowledge we were both travelling in Asia, we decided to try and meet up. Singapore seemed to work out best, however we both had to catch flights the next day. So our paths would cross for one night, and one night only! I’m not sure if it was the prospect of a night out, a brand new country or knowing I’d see my brother, but something about preparing for our flight to Singapore felt like the night before Christmas. Our flight with Tiger airways left Kalibo airport at 3.20pm and arrived at 7.15pm, costing something around £60 each. This is the flight we were forced to buy on the spot in L.A.X. though, so no doubt you can get similar flights for cheaper if you book further in advance and have time to shop around. Singapore airport was one of the swankiest airports I’ve ever been to, and had by far the quickest and friendliest immigration we have experienced on our travels so far. Annoyingly, this wasn’t matched by the rude and pushy taxi drivers who wouldn’t give us a rough idea of prices and wanted to charge an additional 17% for paying by card. Eventually we managed to get the weak wifi to work long enough to book ourselves an Uber. By the time we reached our hostel it was 8.20pm – 5 minutes after we were meant to be meeting everyone for dinner! Luckily we had foreseen this and so had done our make-up and all the time consuming aspects of getting ready whilst on the plane.

We met Rich and his friends, a mixture of people on work-trips and expats currently living in Singapore, at Din Tai Fung down the road from our hostel on Mosque Street. We were treated to the most delicious dim sum dinner with a variety of dishes to share. Although there was a bit of an age difference between us, El, Eleri, Mark, Angus and Ginge were super easy to get on with and it was such a pleasure to meet them all. It was particularly refreshing to have some (mostly) adult conversation that wasn’t just the trite traveller questions of ‘so how long you been on the road?’ blah blah blah.

After dinner we headed to Kinkys roof top bar where we had a great view over the water and of the famous Marina Bay Sands building. Our jaws dropped followed by squeals of excitement when Eleri casually mentioned that’s where we were heading afterwards. It wasn’t long before multiple bottles were popped and bubbly filled glasses were chinking. Quite a change from our normal traveller life! Here, we also met up with Emma, a family friend  we’ve known for as long as I can remember.

When the bottles were empty we caught an Uber to Marina Bay Sands. It’s so high up that my ears popped the whole way going up the lift. Waiting for us at the top was the most phenomenal and quite surreal city skyline I have ever witnessed. It was completely spellbinding, I’m not sure any photos would ever do it justice. We had some more drinks and lots of dancing at the request of Rich. After us both throwing some shapes, someone remarked that dancing ability is clearly genetic. I wish I could take that as a compliment but I was sober enough to witness Rich’s dad like dancing….


Amy definitely saw her 24th birthday in in style, so much so that she was still inebriated when we headed to the airport the next morning. We only had 14 hours in Singapore, but we loved every minute! Short and very sweet, as they say. A massive thank you to Rich and all our new friends for thoroughly spoiling us; we’ll be back one day 🙂

Love, Lottie xx 

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