Keeping up with The Khamil’s in Kuala Lumpur.

When I woke up to board my flight in Bali, I felt absolutely rotten. Naturally, I googled all my symptoms which suggested I might have dengue – a very common illness in Indonesia. I’m not usually a hypochondriac but this one did have me panicked! Perhaps minus the pink eye in Colombia, it was the most ill I’d felt the whole trip. My plane was sprayed with Zika decontamination spray, but at that point Zika was the least of my worries. I landed around 9am and joined the hour long immigration queue. Luckily I didn’t lose my place when I had to run to find a toilet – my stomach had decided to join in on the ‘let’s make Lottie feel like she’s dying’ game. After that I hopped on the KLIA Express to the main station which cost me 55 MYR. Such terrible timing; I had a week of fun and food ahead! Luckily after a couple of days the worst symptoms were gone, but it did take the best part of five days for my bowels to settle and for my appetite return. Sad times.

This was one of the reasons that my time in KL was less touristy and more about the R & R. It was actually really nice to have a few days not being a traveller and feeling somewhat obliged to tick off every sightseeing spot in the area. Instead, my few days there were all about catching up with my gorgeous University friend Elyza, eating lots of amazing Malaysia food (when my stomach would allow), and enjoying a bit of ‘normal life’. I was incredibly lucky to stay with Elyza’s fabulous, fashionable and super friendly family in their absolutely unreal house. And just as lucky to eat her mum’s Malaysian spreads for breakfast every morning. Hands down the best egg fried rice and Roti canai I’ve ever eaten. Elyza gave me free rein on her wardrobe and even gifted me a cute patterned blue two piece. She drove us all around the city and took me to all of her favourite food spots. If you hadn’t already figured, she’s an absolute babe. It was also a pleasure to spend some time meeting and hanging out with her friends – two of which we managed to convince to join us on a mini-trip to Penang!

So I’m not going to write loads about what we got up to, just provide you with some memories via photos instead. So much love for this girl! Thank you so much for having me Elyza 🙂

Love, Lottie xx

Not the nicest day in KL!
Banana Leaf lunch in Bangasar


Driving home through KL
My GoPro only managed to fit 2/3 of Elyza’s beautiful house in the shot!
Every girl’s dream…. #fangirling
Cocktails at Marini’s on 57
Gatecrashing Pedro’s leaving party. Thanks Pedro
Marini’s on 57
View of the Petronas Towers from Marinis on 57
Salted egg chicken – so worth a try!

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