World Food Weekender – Milan.

In December I was lucky enough to win an amazing competition with Giraffe, a restaurant chain with a menu that takes all the best bits from around the globe. As their ‘World Food Weekender’, over the four weekends in January they will be sending my tastebuds to different European cities to explore, sample lots of local food and drink and report back by way of a short video encompassing my weekend and what I thought of what I ate!

So here it is… my first ever vlog, and well, my first ever attempt at putting a video together!

It’s fair to say it was probably the most embarrassing thing I’ve done and I’m without question more comfortable and confident on the other side of the camera/behind a keyboard. But it’s an incredible opportunity that I’m very grateful for and I hope to continue 2017 as I started it: stepping out of my comfort zone, honing new skills, exploring new places and eating and drinking until I feel physically sick…

I was blessed to go with my sister who was an absolute star, dealing with me running around and helping video even though it was -2 degrees and we couldn’t feel our fingers!

Let me know what you think!

Next stop: Faro, Portugal.

Love, Lottie xx

(p.s. check out my instagram @alottielost for more photos!)


Where we went in chronological order of the video:

  1. Duomo di Milano – Don’t miss climbing the Cathedral for €11 pp
  2. La Maruzella – Margherita and norma pizza. A popular restaurant, be prepared to queue!
  3. Corsia del Giardino – Affogato (espresso over ice cream) and a tiramisu that is to die for
  4. Piazza San Carlo and Chiesa de San Carlo al Corso
  5. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
  6. Pasticceria that I don’t recall the name of (sorry!) but it’s on, or near, Via Lazaretto. Make sure to try an authentic cannoli siciliani when you visit Italy!
  7. Spontini – I think it’s Milan’s best takeaway pizza! Different to your traditional Italian base, these deep pan slices come in only three simple flavours and cost between €3.50 and €4.50 for a large slice. Don’t miss this perfect afternoon snack, there are a few dotted across the city for your convenience/challenge to go to every one…
  8. (Inside the Duomo, see above)
  9. La Locanda  del Gatto Rosso – Upmarket (and expensive) restaurant located in the Galleria Vittoria Emanuele II. Don’t miss the Risotto alla Milanese.
  10. Cioccolati Italiani – Best spot for ice creams, although  don’t miss their special selection of chocolate espressos. There are a couple across the city; the one we visited was close by the Duomo.



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