World Food Weekender – Faro.

Following on from World Food Weekender – Milan

In December I was lucky enough to win an amazing competition with Giraffe, a restaurant chain with a menu that takes all the best bits from around the globe. As their ‘World Food Weekender’, over the four weekends in January they will be sending my tastebuds to different European cities to explore, sample lots of local food and drink and report back by way of a short video encompassing my weekend and what I thought of what I ate!

So here is the vlog for my second trip! I was joined by my good friend Hatty, who was right by my side to assist in filming, eating, and drinking ten litres of sangria over 36 hours…

We had an absolute blast in the sun. Let me know what you think!

Next stop: Budapest, Hungary

Love, Lottie xx

(p.s. check out my instagram @alottielost for more photos!)

Where we went in chronological order of the video:

  1. Arco da Vila – This neo-classical archway leads to the old town, with the remains of the original Moorish wall. It’s the first of many gorgeous archways!
  2. Igreja do Carmo  – A beautiful church which unfortunately was closed when we visited. If you do go, check out the Capela dos Ossos or ‘chapel of bones’ located in the rear garden
  3. Tapas at O11ZE – probably our favourite spot (we went there twice…). Very reasonably priced, in a sweet and quiet location, and staffed by the loveliest woman! Don’t miss the chorizo you cook yourself or the goats cheese! Oh, and definitely don’t miss the best sangria in town (which happens to be the cheapest and involves a whole bottle of wine…)
  4. Dos Irmaos – Faro’s oldest restaurant is the perfect place to sample traditional seafood fare as well as one of the Algarve’s most popular dishes: La Cataplana. The grilled squid was exquisite and the staff went above and beyond to make our dinner memorable! Be sure to add this one to your itinerary.
  5. Ria Formosa Restaurant at Faro Hotel – The kitchen was actually closed when we visited so we took a breather and ordered a jug of sangria (shock). Don’t miss the sunset here, located on a rooftop overlooking the marina, there is no better location.
  6. Rua Monsenhor Boto – Walking down this road for the first time absolutely took our breath away. Take this road to reach the main square and be amazed yourself.
  7. Largo de Se and the Cathedral – Orange trees line the square which lead to the cathedral steps. €3.50 will give you enter inside the cathedral, and onto the roof for amazing views across the town.
  8. Pastel de natas – Basically DON’T MISS THEM. Doesn’t matter where you get them, get them from any bakery, get them from every bakery. Just eat as many as you can. We did.
  9. Praia de Faro – The best beach in close proximity, only a short 15 minute ride out of town. You can get the number 16 bus, though it was so infrequent that we paid about €12 for a taxi instead.
  10. Aqui del Rei – Small tapas bar located just before an idyllic archway. More pricey than other tapas bars, but definitely worth stopping by for the baked camembert. Also I’m pretty sure the couple who run it put a lot of sambuca in our ‘home recipe’ sangria.


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